Driven by the ever increasing global concerns around climate change and the scarcity of natural resources, customer and consumer demand for sustainable products continues to grow. Our Material Area of Product Design focuses on sustainable innovation to deliver the desired effect in our customers’ products in the right way. This is achieved through:

  • optimising our raw material sourcing, choosing sustainable renewables wherever possible;
  • minimising the environmental impact of our ingredients, the products we sell
  • ensuring that our ingredients provide environmental benefits in application, wherever possible, such as saving energy or replacing a non-sustainable alternative; and
  • achieving all of this safely, without compromising our customers’ high-performance, quality and value requirements.

We assess the sustainability profile of our new products against the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, measure the sustainability benefit of our new and key existing products in use, and track the percentage of renewable raw materials of our new products.

Highlights include:

  • 11.4 was the average score of our new products against the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry
  • 65.8% of new products met all 12 Principles of Green Chemistry
  • 82.3% of new products deliver a sustainability benefit in use